Is Your Weekend Wardrobe Due For An Upgrade?

The world today is very fast and life is very hectic. Because of this fast-paced way of living, we definitely need the weekend to catch our breath. Our work weeks are action-packed and hardly give us any time or scope to relax. The weekends, are therefore, incredibly important.

We all have a fixed style of clothes for the workdays. These clothes sometimes tend to encroach on our weekend wardrobe too. It is definitely advisable to have a separate wardrobe for the weekend, a wardrobe that screams relaxation and chill.

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A few must haves for your weekend wardrobe are:


Straight leg jeans, be it simple or designer jeans for men, are an absolute necessity for a relaxed but chic wardrobe. They’re tailored to make you look classy, and at the same time give you more “leg room” than the skinny hipster jeans that seem to be in trend with the youth.


Plain t-shirts have a charm of their own. They are the most versatile piece of clothing a man can own. You can team them up with trendy jeans or a stylish jacket. They bring out your personality and sense of style.


These will never go out of fashion. A classy pair of lace up leather boots will give you the edge at any party or outing you attend. You can never go wrong with a pair of leather boots.


These are a failsafe clothing hack. They go with all your casual clothes and look very smart. A pair of white sneakers instantly elevates an outfit to be a little sharper than it would be with other casual shoes.


The mark of a truly stylish man is to see how he dresses when he is relaxing. Look dapper even while you are relaxed and opt for a classic sweatshirt of any dark colour. A plain, fitted crew-neck sweatshirt in grey or black will not only be comfortable but also bring out the features of your face.


Be it a trip to the beach or a lunch plan with your friends, a pair of sunglasses is the totally necessary to complete the casual look. You can select a tinted pair of wayfarers or a good-old pair of aviators.

This pretty much sums up the necessity of having a casual weekend wardrobe.

So hurry and and shop to your heart’s content