SWTOR Space Combat

In this article, I will be covering what is known bout SWTOR space combat including gameplay, missions, and open battles.

Many players have been looking forward to this feature and I wanted to shed some light one what SWTOR space combat is looking like.

When Star Wars: The Old Republic releases, this page will be updated with more information on SWTOR space combat including controls and strategies, so be sure to check back then.

SWTOR Space Combat Gameplay

SWTOR Space Combat gameplay can be summed up most easily as “Star Fox 64, the MMORPG Edition”. Players are “on-rails” – that is a fixed course which you cannot change moving at a steady pace through a mission or level.

Player have a fast-firing laser beam with infinite ammo, limited but powerful missiles, and traverse along a fixed path without the ability to move backwards. You can move up, down, left, or right, but you appear to be moving forwards most of the time to your objective.

There are a variety of scripted missions with different objectives. You can repeat these missions as often as you like, but the rewards are small unless you are doing them for the first time or completing the daily quest associated with those missions.

SWTOR Space Combat Abilities

There are a limited number of abilities in SWTOR’s space combat. The only aerial stunt that you can do is a barrel roll, which you can execute by pressing the space bar. Other than that you just have a laser beam (fired with left-click) and missiles (fired with right click).

Your normal laser takes down small ships in just a few hits. It can also take down moderate-strength small ships and gun turrets pretty easily. For larger objectives on large spacecraft, you will need to use your missiles to take them down with any sort of reliability.

There is a level 50 item which says it adds a “torpedo” to your space ship, but I have not yet been able to get access to this item so I am not sure what it does and how it varies from the missile.

Space Combat Missions

As mentioned above, players can take on space missions highly reminiscent of Star Fox 64 levels. These missions are given to you are part of the storyline and are undertaken long before you hit the level cap.

These missions are both for the storyline and reward. You can get upgrades for your ship as rewards, experience points, credits, and Fleet Commendations for completing missions. You can trade these in the Fleet Commendiations in the Supplies quarter of either the Imperial or Republic Fleet (depending on your faction) for a variety of rewards. The only decent one now seems to be a random level 50 Artifact-grade item at the cost of 300 Commendations.

Open-Space Combat in SWTOR

Right now, it does not seem like there is any true free-roaming space-combat. You are not able to control your ship and there is only on-rails battle.

Ship Upgrades

One aspect of having a Space Ship is that you can upgrade it via 10 different equipment slots. Open up the equipment menu after you get your own ship and you will see that there are 10 total items you can equip to your ship.

Having good items is essential to being successful in the space combat missions, as personal skill does not change the outcome nearly as much as having good gear does. Having no equipment for your spaceship is like playing against a level 50 in epic PvP gear when you are still level 15.

SWTOR Space Combat Conclusion

Now you know the basics of SWTOR Space Combat gameplay. Check our our Space Combat Strategy Guide for more info and strategies on completing Space Combat missions in SWTOR.

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