SWTOR Smuggler Stats Guide

In this SWTOR Smuggler stats guide, you will discover the effect of all of the primary and secondary stats have for the Smuggler as well as what the best primary and secondary stats for this class are.

We will start with primary stats and then discuss secondary stats by spec and advanced class in the next section.

SWTOR Smuggler Stats Guide – Primary Stats

No matter what talent tree you go into or whether you pick the Scoundrel or Gunslinger, the Smuggler’s primary stat effects and best choices remain the same.

Your primary stat will always be Cunning. This improves the strength and effectiveness of all of your abilities, both Tech attacks and kinetic abilities. This means that Gunslingers, healer, or Scrapper-specced Scoundrel, you will want to max out your Cunning stat as a top priority. Cunning will also increase the critical hit rate of all of your abilities.

As your next primary stat, simply look for endurance. This will help keep you alive, and is needed in both PvP and PvE. Many encounters in SWTOR involve a lot of adds, so even in PvE you will end up taking damage as a DPS class.

The only other primary stat which increases your damage is Aim, but it is not a good choice for the Scoundrel. While it increases the damage and crit rate of your ranged kinetic attacks, it does so at the same rate of Cunning. There is no situation where you would ever choose Aim over Cunning. Always go for Cunning as a Smuggler.

Two other stats of interest are Presence and Expertise. Presence increases the effectiveness of your companions, but it is not very common to find on equipment. This may be useful for solo and farming stats, but there just is not much of it to get in the game, especially when you are leveling up (which is the time you use your companions the most after all).

Expertise on the other hand is a very useful stat. There is not much opportunity to get this prior to level 50, but it is a great stat to pick up for PvP. It increases your damage and healing in PvP as well as reduces the amount of damage you take from enemy players. This stat has a huge effect on your character and getting it is essential to your PvP success.

Unfortunately, you really cannot get much Expertise before level 50. This is the primary reason why level 50 players tend to be much harder to kill and deal a lot more damage than non-level 50s, even with the stat normalization across levels.

SWTOR Smuggler Stats Guide – Secondary Attributes

In addition to Cunning, there are a variety of secondary stats which are important to the Smuggler’s effectiveness. Below, we will go over the effects of each of the secondary stats relevant to the Smuggler as well as what the best stats based on your spec.

  • Accuracy – Accuracy increases your chance to hit with attacks. It also reduces the resist rate of your non-physical attacks. You want to get enough accuracy so that you never miss any attacks or get any resists. Any extra accuracy will reduce your opponent’s armor, so there is no harm in getting a little extra. The only class this stat is not good for is healers, though PvP healers might want to pick up some if you find your CC effects getting resisted (rare in my experience).
  • Alacrity – Alacrity increases the speed at which your channeled and casted abilities cast. This even seems to reduce the global cooldown of abilities which are casted with a 1.5 second cast time, but has no effect on instant attacks. For this reason, Alacrity is best for healers, okay for Gunslingers, and pretty poor for Scrapper-specced Scoundrels.
  • Critical Rating – Critical rating increases the rate of your critical hits. It is important for all classes aside from PvE healers. PvE healers cannot rely on critical hits to come regularly when they heal tanks (though it can be useful for AoE/group healing). It is a good stat for all PvE DPS classes and all classes in PvP.
  • Power – Power is one of the best overall stats for every single spec and advanced Smuggler class. Healers should always stack this stat over any other secondary stat. It increases the strength of all your attacks and the effectiveness of all of your abilities. This means health restored by your heals as well as more damage from your attacks.
  • Surge Rating – Surge Rating increases the bonus damage and healing from your critical hits. It is an interesting stat that becomes more effective as your gear gets better. It is also more useful in PvP where you have the time to stack bonuses and critical hit abilities to generate intentional burst damage to take out players in important situations. As a result, it is not very useful for healers nor is it useful unless you have a lot of good gear and a high critical hit rate. It is best used for DPS Smugglers who are playing in PvP and have a lot of crit rate.
  • Tech Power – Tech Power increases the damage and effectiveness of your tech attacks and heals. It does nothing for your physical-based abilities. It is not really a stat you go out of your way to get as it is typically only available as a stat on weapons and off-hands.

SWTOR Smuggler Stats Guide – Conclusion

In short, healing Smugglers should stack Alacrity and Power, DPS classes should stack Critical Rating, Power, and Accuracy, whereas DPS classes in PvP can add in Surge Rating as their equipment increases in effectiveness.

For primary stats, simply stack Cunning no matter what your spec is and get Endurance as a back-up. In PvP, be sure to get plenty of Expertise which is found on the level 50 PvP sets.

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