SWTOR Jedi Consular Stats Guide

In this SWTOR Jedi Consular stats guide, you will discover what each of the primary stats does for the Jedi Consular as well as what the secondary stats do for your character (as well as what stats you should stack based on your character’s spec).

The Jedi Consular has three primary roles – healing, damage, and tanking. Additionally, the Jedi Consular can be further segmented into a melee or casting DPS class, depending on what advanced class you pick.

However, despite the large differences in roles and playstyles, healers and damage-dealers use predominately the same stats. Only tanks tend to vary greatly from the when it comes to the types of stats you should pursue.

SWTOR Jedi Consular Stats Guide – Primary Stats

Healers and damage-dealers of all types should increase you Willpower as a priority. Willpower increases the damage and critical-hit rate of both the Jedi Consular’s melee strikes and spell attacks. DPS and Healers should focus on endurance as a secondary stat, which will help you stay alive.

Tanks on the other hand are of course opposite. Endurance is your primary stat as you want more health to tank with. Willpower still increases your damage and critical-hit rate, which in turn leads greater threat generation.

Assassin-spec classes can also increase their melee damage (but not force attacks) via strength, but the strength damage bonus is not worth pursuing with gear. Gear with strength is not for Assassins – get Willpower instead. I am mentioning it simply because you may get an incredibly small DPS increases from finding a +strength Datacron or from an increase in strength due to group buffs.

There are only two other primary stats which are important to the Jedi Consular: Precision and Expertise. Precision increases the effectiveness of your companion (perhaps useful for solo play) whereas Expertise both increases your damage and healing in PvP as well as reduces the damage you take.

Expertise is incredibly good in SWTOR for PvP, so make sure you always PvP in gear with Expertise rather than raiding gear.

Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Consular Stats Guide – Secondary Stats

Now that we have the basics covered, I am sure you are all wondering about how the secondary stats effect the Jedi Consular. This is where things vary based on role:

  • Alacrity – Alacrity increases the speed at which your channeled and casted effects cast. It does seem to potentially reduce global cooldown in the case of channeled spells, but not instant spells. Whether this is a bug or is intended is irrelevant – it means that Alacrity is only good for classes which use a lot of channeled abilities, namely all of the Jedi Sage’s specs.
  • Force Power – Force Power increases the damage of all force-based attacks. This includes all heals and most of the Jedi Sage’s abilities. It also improves the damage dealt by the non-melee Jedi Shadow’s abilities. This stat is primarily found on weapons and foci and not found in other slots. Only the Jedi Sage’s specs should pursue this stat outside of weapons and foci should it exist.
  • Power – Power increases the damage of all attacks and the strength of all heals. This includes force-based attacks, heals, and melee attacks. As a result, this is a great stat for everyone but tanking Jedi Shadows.
  • Critical Rating – Critical Rating increases the critical hit chance of all of your attacks. Once your accuracy is capped, Critical Rating is arguably the best stat for all DPS-specced Jedi Consulars. The exception may be for Telekinetic Throw-specced Jedi Sages, as this spell benefits a lot from Alacrity.
  • Surge – Surge increases the strength of your critical hits. This can increase DPS, but it should not be a major focus of gear unless your gear is exceptionally good or the gear has many stats on it (i.e. top-end PvP gear). The higher your crit rate, the more effective this stat becomes. Players not in artifact-level gear should not pursue this stat.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy is one of the most important secondary stats for Jedi of all types up to 10%. It increases your chance to hit with melee attacks and reduces the resistance rate of your spell-based attacks. Having a threat-generating ability miss or having a key stun get resisted can be devastating. The only time this stat is not important is for healers in PvE. PvP healers will still want to get it to reduce the resistance rate of snares, stuns, and crowd-control abilities. Note that if you go above the accuracy cap, it reduces the armor of your target, so it still increases your damage.

To sum things up, Power, Critical Rating, and Accuracy are the best secondary stats for DPS Jedi Shadows. Power, Force Power, Critical Rating, Alacrity, and Accuracy are all important for DPS Jedi Sages. Healers should focus on Alacrity, Power, and Force Power (critical hit is not that beneficial for PvE healers). Surge works in PvP but do not focus on it. If it comes on the PvP gear you are wearing, go for it, but do not go out of your way to get it unless you already have an amazing set of gear.

SWTOR Jedi Shadow Stats Guide – Tanking Secondary Stats

While the DPS and healing roles for the Jedi Consular are pretty similar in terms of what secondary stats are good, things are a lot different for tanks. Tanks have a variety of secondary stats which help them tank:

  • Armor – Armor reduces the damage you take from all melee and kinetic attacks (nearly all attacks fall into these two categories, including most blaster and force attacks). Armor is the best secondary stat hands-down for a tank – it reduces a reliable amount of damage and makes healing you much more manageable.
  • Shield Rating – Increases your chance to block. Good stat, but of course you need to have a shield equipped for this to work. Jedi Shadow’s can use shields (not shield generators, but actual shields), but for some reason, these are very rare in the game until late-game.
  • Absorption – Absorption increases the amount of damage your shield absorbs. This is a good stat, but you need a lot of shield rating and a good shield to get full use out of this secondary stat.
  • Defense Rating – Defense rating increases your chance to parry (fully block melee attacks) and deflect (fully block ranged attacks). This is not as good of a stat as you might think for raiding – your healers cannot assume that you will parry/deflect attacks if a boss is dealing any significant damage. For fights in 4-man flashpoints though it can be beneficial as it gives your healer more room to be efficient.
  • Accuracy – If you notice your threat-generating attacks are missing or getting resisted, you may want to add some accuracy to your tanking set to help prevent this from happening. The last thing you want is to miss an important ability and wipe when tanking.

Really, any of these stats work well for the Assassin, but you will have the best results by simply getting the highest Armor/Endurance gear you can find. You will still need some willpower and accuracy to hold threat.

SWTOR Jedi Consular Stats Guide Conclusion

The Jedi Consular’s stats are pretty simple if you follow the advice of this SWTOR Jedi Consular stats guide. Most of the end-game gear is very well itemized in SWTOR and as a result, you will want to grab whichever piece has highest overall stats. The only exception really to this is healing specs, which should zero in on +Willpower, Power/Force Power, and Alacrity.

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