SWTOR Datacron Locations

In this guide, you will find a list of SWTOR Datacron locations for each planet in Star Wars The Old Republic. We will start with a brief overview of what Datacrons (formerly known as Holocrons) are, then provide a list of where you can find them.

Since some of the Datacrons can be a bit tricky to spot, you can click on link under each planet’s section to get a full video guide which walks you through how to find each Datacron on each planet.

Note: There is a strange bug where if you open the map while standing still, sometimes the “Y” coordinate is drastically inaccurate and not representative of your real location. To fix this, take a few steps after opening the map to get your real location. If you are unsure where to go, be sure to see the planet’s individual section for the video walkthrough.

SWTOR Datacron Guide – What Are They?

Datacrons are relics found throughout the game world which provide either a permanent (i.e. never goes away) stat bonus for your character or provide you with a rare “matrix shard”. The stat bonus is very straight-forward and for example will give you +2 to the strength stat.

The matrix shards on the other hand are not straight forward – all I was able to see during the brief large beta test was that there are a few types of crystals in the game and you can turn them into items on your ship once you reach a higher level. I will add a guide for this specific process after the game has been out a few days.

SWTOR Datacron Locations – The List

There are 17 planets in SWTOR, and as far as we know, each one has its own set of Datacrons. Since players were only to progress so far into the beta, not every Datacron’s location is known (especially for the later planets). We will be updating this SWTOR Datacron list with more locations as they become available.

Note that right now there are a few planets that are Republic only / Empire only. Naturally, you can only get holocrons on planets that your faction can visit.

With all the background out of the way, here is the SWTOR Datacron locations list:

Tython Datacron Locations (Republic only)

There are three Datacrons on Tython. This is the Jedi starting planet so it is :

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:-32, Y:-36). Reward: +2 Endurance. To get to it, jump down into the body of water directly south of this location (on English maps, it will be just south of the “F” in “Flesh Raider Territory”. Jump into the water and follow it north. There, you will find a cave. This is a large cave and not very hidden. This cave will lead you through a short passageway and at the end you will find the first Datacron on Tyhon.
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:-642, Y:35). Reward: +2 Willpower. To get this particular Datacron, work your way to the far northwest end of the Jedi Ruins. Climb to the highest level. There, you will a notice huge fallen column which you can run along (no crazy jumping needed). There is no mistaking it as the column is huge and there is not another like it in the entire ruins. Once you climb this, you will end up on a grassy cliff overlooking the ruins a bit south of the Datacron’s location.  Once you reach the top, you will see the Datacron in the distance.
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:-90, Y:920). Reward: Blue Matrix Shard. To get to the final Datacron on Tython, head down towards the Forge. Once you enter the open area (marked as The Forge Remnants), open up your map. Go to the point where the two roads converge, and then head directly west. You will notice a few Flesh Raiders standing around in what looks like a dead-end. There, you will notice a small opening in the wall that leads to a hidden grassy area. Follow this path south and then back east until you reach the Datacron location. You will know you are in the right spot as soon as you see the hidden entrance – keep going until you get to the end of this hidden area and you will see a strong Flesh Beast guarding the final Datacron.

Need more help with these Datacrons? Check out our SWTOR Tython Datacron Locations Guide for a video walkthrough.

Ord Mantell Datacron Locations – The List

Since Ord Mantell is the Trooper and Smuggler starting planet, these Datacrons are Republic-only. Jedi can visit once they get their space ship. Ord Mantell has 3 holocrons:

  • Datacron 1: Located at (X:-970, Y:205). Reward: +2 Presence. This Datacron is very easy to find and is not hidden at all. It is simply laying out in the open at the location and no secret paths are needed to find it.
  • Datacron 2: Located at (X:-657, Y:-574). Reward: +2 Aim. Another simple Datacron to find. This one is right at the peak of the mountain on Savrip Island. Simply climb to the very top (there are many pathways to do this) and once you each the peak, the Datacron will be waiting for you.
  • Datacron 3: Located at (X:778, Y:135). Reward: Red Matrix Shard. The final Datacron on Ord Mantell is also pretty easy to find. It is sitting in a small hole in the beach. However, it is guarded by a low-level elite. If you are starting on this planet, consider waiting until you finish up your final quest here before taking on this NPC. Once you reach level 10 all classes should be able to handle it without a problem.

Need more help finding these SWTOR Datacrons? Check out our SWTOR Ord Mantell Datacron Locations List for a video walkthrough.

Coruscant Datacron Locations Guide

The Republic capital of Coruscant is home to 5 Datacrons. As this is the Republic capital city, for now these Datacrons are only available to Republic players:

  • Datacron 1: (X: 2318, Y:1051). Reward: +2 Presence. Located in the Old Market district, it is right in the open at the location noted. It is guarded by a level 11 elite, who while only has 3k HP, does quite a bit of damage and has guards. Be careful.
  • Datacron 2: (X:-3626, Y:-154). Reward: +2 Endurance. This Datacron is extremely difficult to find and the process is quite involved. The first step is to climb up on the massive structure of boxes at (X: -3773, Y:-133). Keep climbing these – there are barrels specifically there for you to climb on. Once you reach the top, you will be able to get to the ledge and you will be on a platform overlooking the ground. Follow this until you get to the broken pipes. Jump onto the first broken pipe, and run across to the other ledge. From there,  you can look down and see a pipe to jump onto which will take you back to the other side. Jump on that and run across to the ledge. From there, follow the path until you get to the edge, and jump down on top of the sign which will take you over to the final platform. Jump off the sign (needs to be a running jump) and you will get the 2nd datacron. If you cannot figure it out, check back soon for the video.
  • Datacron 3: (X:1022, Y:3968). Reward: Cunning +2. Located in Justicar Territory. Like many Coruscant Datacrons, this one is hidden high off the ground. The trick with this one is to start at the boxes at (X:1035, Y:3980). You can climb on top of those boxes and at the top there is a thin pipe. Run across the pipe until the end. At the end, there are a few pipes that you must jump across like steps to get to the next pipe (do not run across these pipes – keep heading north). Jump across the two pipes as steps and then keep running the same direction until you get to the giant (thick) pipe. Climb on top of that. When you look directly south from the top of the giant pipe, you can see the Datacron. From here, simply run down the other side of the giant pipe and onto the thin pipe (no need to jump, you can walk right onto it), which runs into a platform which holds the Datacron.
  • Datacron 4: (X:948, Y:4541). Reward: Yellow Matrix Shard. Found in The Works district. Start by climbing up pipes near (X:1173, Y:-4421). Once on top of the pipe, simply follow the pipes as far as you can (there is really only one way you can go). Follow these until you get to the Datacron location. Note that some of the pipes look like they might be too steep to climb but you can really run right up them. No hard jumps are required like with Datacron 3.
  • Datacron 5: (X:-3087, Y:3031). Reward: +2 Strength. In the Jedi Ruins, you will notice that in the northern part of the open ruins that there is a large column which leads up to a second level (X:-3108, Y:2925). Run up the column all the way up to the top. At the top, turn around. You will be able to run along the edge of second level towards the southwestern portion of the temple. As you get closer, you will see an elite Dark Jedi. Ignore it (it is boss rank and hard to kill solo unless you are way over its level), and instead go around it. On the far side there will be a ledge you can jump down to, which will lead you to the Datacron. You can see the Datacron from the ledge, so make sure you see it before you jump.

Note that these Coruscant Datacrons can be very difficult to find. I recommend checking out our video guide: SWTOR Coruscant Datacron Locations List, which gives you a video walkthrough for all the Datacrons on this planet.

Korriban Datacron Locations List

Korriban is the starting location for the Sith force users, and as such, is not accessible by Republic players. All three of the Korriban Datacrons sit out in the open:

  • Datacron 1: (X:530, Y:65). Reward: Willpower +2. This Datacron is just sitting out in the open. Follow the dotted road along the map and its just sitting right out there.
  • Datacron 2: (X:153, Y:81). Reward: Endurance +2. This Datacron in particular is near the shuttle, right near the platform. It is not really hidden but can be easy to miss in your haste to get off the planet.
  • Datacron 3: (X:-55, Y:380). Reward: Red Matrix Shard. Another Datacron that is out in the open. Just head to the location and you cannot miss it.

If you want to check out our video guide, see our SWTOR Korriban Datacron Locations List.

Hutta Datacron Locations List

Hutta is the starting planet for Bounty Hunters and Imperial Agents and is home to three Empire-only Datacrons. Sith can always come to this planet to grab these Datacrons once they get their Starships:

  • Datacron 1: (X:-96, Y:860). Reward: Aim +2. Climb on top of the beam/pipe at (X:-162, Y:918) up onto the hill. To the right of the hill, note the small ledge. Jump on that and follow it to the Datacron.
  • Datacron 2: (X:650, Y:-110). Reward: Presence +2. This Datacron is on the isolated island in the north. You have to cross the pipe at (X:494, Y:-17) linking the main land with the west portion of the island to get to the island itself. From there, you can run over to the Datacron’s location.
  • Datacron 3: (X:-11, Y:324). Reward: Blue Matrix Shard. This Datacron is in the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels at (X:-17, Y:218) which are a Heroic Area, as you have to fight elite enemies here. As a result, it can be tough to do solo (but perhaps doable once you get your companion). You can pick up someone in general chat to help you out with this or you can wait until you are a higher level to come back (as soon as you unlock your spaceship you can get this Datacron).

Need more help finding these Datacrons? Check out our SWTOR Hutta Datacron Locations List.

Dromund Kaas Datacron Locations List

On the Sith Empire’s capital world of Dromund Kaas, there are 5 Datacrons. Only players on the side of the Empire have access to these Datacrons. Here is the list:

  • Datacron 1: (X:856, Y:644). Reward: +2 Strength. In the Dromund Kaas spaceport, start at the elevator at the far south portion of the map (X:999, Y:461). Take it to Docking Bay D-61. In the docking bay, hug the right wall until you climb the big ramp. Head to (X:872, Y:596). You will notice that against the wall there, you can look down and see two small pipes to drop down onto. Jump down onto the right one. This pipe takes you right to the Datacron, which you will be able to see from quite a distance away.
  • Datacron 2: (X:579, Y:797). Reward: +2 Presence. From the Spaceport, follow the path that hugs the east wall and climb up to the top of the hill. All the way in the back, you will find a small hidden path at (X:773, Y:731). Follow this to the Datacron’s final location.
  • Datacron 3: (X:-187, Y:1737). Reward: Yellow Matrix Shard. A hidden path just east of the Datacron’s location at (X:-33, Y:1698) is the entryway to get to the final Datacron. There are a few elites nearby so be careful or bring allies. As soon as you emerge from the path to the opening, the datacron is immediately to your right at the top of a waterfall.
  • Datacron 4: (X:-794, Y:1453). Reward: +2 Endurance. There is a hidden path just north to the entrance of Lord Grathan’s estate which leads to the fourth Datacron on Dromund Kaas. The path is very easy to find – just walk to the northwest corner of the area and keep walking towards the coordinates listed and you will find it with no problem.
  • Datacron 5: (X:-1218, Y:210). Reward: +2 Cunning. Just west of the letter “E” in “Expansion District” on the map, you will find a set of boxes at the east edge of the mountain at (X:-1090, Y:211). Jump on top of the boxes to get on top of the rock structure, then immediately to your right you can jump down onto the “center” of the mountain. This is a wide path which you follow all the way to the end. Once you get to the west side of the mountain, you will see that you are able to jump off the south end. Before you jump, you should be able to see the color of the Datacron radiating up. Jump down on the rock ledges below until you can jump over to where the Datacron is resting.

Need more help finding each Datacron? Check out our SWTOR Dromund Kaas Datacron Locations List for a video guide.

SWTOR Balmorra Datacron Locations

Balmorra can be accessed by both Empire and Republic players, but these players to not share the same territory. As a result, each faction has separate Datacrons for this planet.

Balmorra Empire Datacron List:

  • Datacron 1: (X:-1017, Y:1515). Reward: +2 Aim. This Datacron is found deep inside the Okara Droid Factory. Inside the factory, enter the Assembly Line heroic area at (X:-1166, Y:1614). Head to the ground area underneath the assembly lines at (X:-1012, Y:9). There you will find a small hidden entrance where you can drop down onto some pipes. The Datacron is located on one of the pipes before you hit the ground – you cannot miss seeing it, although the jumps may takes some effort!
  • Datacron 2: (X:1851, Y:110). Reward: +2 Cunning. This Datacron sits out in the open in the back of the Balmorran Arms Factory. Start at the Sundari Flatlands, enter the Balmorran Arms Factory at (X:1278, Y:740) and follow that until you get to the outside. Once you exit out the back, head to the location marked under the docks and it is right there in the open.
  • Datacron 3: (X:-497, Y:2035). Reward: Green Matrix Shard. Enter the Neebray Warehouse at (X:-473, Y:1928). Take the Elevator to the second floor. There you will see a Datacron hidden behind a shield. In order to get it, you and another player must activate the computer consoles in this room at the same time. As a result, you need two people to get it.
  • Datacron 4: (X:726, Y:2032). Reward: +2 Strength. Start at (X:683, Y:1858). Here there is a hidden path – climb the small ridge directly to the south, then you will notice a path to your left which you can jump to. Follow that path all the way to the back towards the Datacron’s coordinates and you will find it there.
  • Datacron 5: (X:191, Y:-343). Reward: +2 Willpower. This Datacron is sitting right at the open at the coordinates above. There are two tricks to getting this Datacron. The first is getting to Bugtown, the northern part of the map where this Datacron resides. To do that, you need to head over to the Vanguard Outpost at around (X:-1592, Y:1269) and discover the Taxi there. That will let you taxi to Bugtown. Once in Bugtown, you have to visit a secret vendor at (X:191, Y:3) and purchase a “Lost Code Cylinder” which costs 5,000 credits. This opens the chest at (X:191, Y:-343), which contains the Datacron inside.

For more help with these datacrons and a video guide, check out our SWTOR Balmorra Datacron Locations List.

Balmorra & Nar Shaddaa Republic Datacron Locations

Coming Soon!

SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Empire Datacron Locations

  • Datacron 1: (X:3701, Y:-1692). +3 Aim.
  • Datacron 2: (X:1958, Y:3278) +3 Cunning.
  • Datacron 3: (X:1783, Y:3092). Yellow Matrix Shard.
  • Datacron 4: (X:2929, Y:400). +3 Presence.
  • Datacron 5: (X:2017, Y:2441). +3 Strength.

By Nar Shaddaa, things are getting complicated to the point where a video guide will save you tons of time in finding all the Datacrons. Fortunately, we have put one together for you in our SWTOR Nar Shaddaa Empire Datacrons List.

SWTOR Tatooine Datacron Locations – Both Factions

  • Datacron 1: (X:-621, Y:-25). Aim +3.
  • Datacron 2 (Empire): (X:727, Y:3132). Cunning +3.
  • Datacron 2 (Republic): (X: 2140, Y: -3670). Cunning +3.
  • Datacron 3: (X: -2390, Y: -1394). Blue Matrix Shard.
  • Datacron 4: (X: -2393, -1391). +3 Strength.
  • Datacron 5: (X: 2074, Y: -577). +3 Willpower.

Follow along with our video guide and read our tips for finding these datacrons in our SWTOR Tatooine Datacron Locations Guide.

SWTOR Alderaan Datacron Locations – Both Factions

  • Datacron 1 – (X: 1105, Y: 81). Aim +4.
  • Datacron 2 – (X: 2721, Y: 2497). Endurance +3.
  • Datacron 3 – (X: -81, Y:-267). Presence +3.
  • Datacron 4 – (X: 2190, Y:-2018). Strength +4.
  • Datacron 5 – (X: -2375, Y: -424). Willpower +3.

All 5 Alderaan datacrons are available to players of both factions. Follow along with our video guide in our SWTOR Alderaan Datacron Locations guide.

SWTOR Taris Datacron Locations Guide – Both Factions

  • Datacron 1 (Empire Only) – (X: 444, Y: -772). Willpower +4.
  • Datacron 1 (Republic Only) – (X: -360, Y: -227). Willpower +2.
  • Datacron 2 (Empire Only) – (X: 643, Y: 1607). Cunning +4.
  • Datacron 2 (Republic Only) – (X: -1058, Y: 1040). Green Matrix Shard.
  • Datacron 3 (Both Factions) – (X: 1187, Y: -575). Strength +2 (Republic) or Presence +4 (Empire).
  • Datacron 4 (Both Factions) – (X: 1048, Y:453). +2 Cunning (Republic) or +4 Aim (Empire).
  • Datacron 5 (Both Factions) – (X: -1513, Y:-255). Cunning +2 (Republic) or Endurance +3 (Empire).

Note that there are two Datacrons unique to each faction on Taris as well as 3 shared Datacrons. Video walkthroughs for each of these is covered in our section on SWTOR Taris Datacron locations. Taris is a mid-level Imperial planet and a low-level Republic planet, hence the lower stats for Republic players on the Datacrons here.

SWTOR Quesh Datacron Locations – Both Factions

  • Datacron 1 - (X: 425, Y: -131). Reward: Cunning +4.
  • Datacron 2 - (207, 776). Reward: Endurance +4.
  • Datacron 3 - (X: 556, Y: 1421). Reward: Strength +4.

Get a video and text-based guide for each of these three Datacrons in our SWTOR Quesh Datacron Locations guide.

SWTOR Hoth Datacron Locations

  • Datacron 1 - (X: 1039, Y: -1244). Reward: Presence +4.
  • Datacron 2 - (X: 2837, Y: -375). Reward: Endurance +4.
  • Datacron 3 - (X: 3143, Y: 476). Reward: Cunning +4.
  • Datacron 4 - (X: -737, Y: 1706). Reward: Red Matrix Shard.
  • Datacron 5 - (X: 2991, Y: -92). Reward: Strength +4.

All Datacrons are accessible by both factions. However, getting these datacrons is very complicated so you will want to see our video and check out our text guide in our SWTOR Hoth Datacron locations list.

Additional SWTOR Datacron Locations

This list will cover you until you get past your starting planets and each faction’s capital planet. I will be adding more Datacron locations to this list shortly, as well as video guides for each of the Datacrons in Star Wars The Old Republic. A few of the Datacrons (especially the ones on Coruscant) can be very tricky to find, so the video guides will really help.

Currently, our list will take you through your first three planets. By the time the game comes out and you finish up with these Datacrons, we will have many more added to the list which will be ready for you soon!

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