Like many avid fans of both the Star Wars and the MMO genre as a whole, the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic was exciting to say the least. To say that I am a fan is an understatement.

For that reason, I have created this guide to SWTOR that contains strategies and tips that you can employ in order to be a better player. While SWTOR has been out for awhile now, these timeless strategies as well as new additions to the SWTOR strategy guide are available for your use around the clock.

Key Game Concepts

If you just picked up SWTOR or are thinking of buying it, here is some basic information that you should know to get an overview of the game. First, SWTOR is not in any way related to Star Wars Galaxies, the previous Star Wars-themed MMORPG. Instead, SWTOR can be seen as the sequel to the incredibly popular Knights of the Old Republic games.

Additionally, the game takes place long before the events in the movies as “The Old Republic” in SWTOR refers to the Republic near the peak of its strength, long before the Empire conquered the galaxy as in the Star Wars movies. In fact, the battles in SWTOR take place 3,500 years ago and the two factions are the Galactic Republic (Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Trooper, and Smuggler) and the Sith Empire (Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, and Imperial Agent).

The idea in Star Wars: The Old Republic is that from a military perspective, the Republic (the “good guys”) and the Sith Empire (the “bad guys”) are on fairly even footing. The game is set up similar to World of Warcraft in that while players can participate in PvP, most of the game’s most deadly and powerful bosses are third-party factions (ancient droids)

In this game, the balance of power between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire is fairly even. The game’s basic storyline is that the Sith have amassed a massive army from parts unknown to invade the known galaxy. Sith players do not get access to these regions of unknown space any more than Republic players do; instead, players for the Empire have taken control of various planets primarily within the known galaxy.

While in Star Wars Galaxies most players sided with the Rebels (the “good” guys), a large portion of the player-base in SWTOR has decided to go with the Empire, at least for PvP. World PvP tends to be heavily favored towards the Empire as there are simply more of them.

Galactic Republic vs Sith Empire

Wandering which character class to pick? For the most part, the faction you pick will not make a major difference in your gameplay. The only exception to this is if you participate in a lot of solo world PvP. If you want that activity to be a major part of your gameplay, you should make an effort to pick a Sith Empire character. The reason for this is that on most servers, the number of PvPers who are Sith significantly outnumbers the number of PvPers who are Republic, leading to lopsided battles. It can be hard for Republic characters to participate in World PvP unless you have some friends you can play with.

As noted, a good group can make up for any player imbalances. If you have friends that are already playing the game, do not worry about picking a different faction but rather just play on the same server that they are on.

If you are still undecided, you should know that players who lean towards favoring PvE tend to side with the Republic moreso than the Empire. This means that if you have an interest in raiding, you might want to pick the Republic side on a large server. With the looking for dungeon tool, small group dungeons are not an issue for players since you can just get a group easily through Dungeon Finder.


Class Differences

The other primary motivation for picking a certain faction in SWTOR is that each faction has different classes. Note that most classes are supposed to be a mirror image of each other, but this does not always work out in practice. For example, the Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor are the “same” class yet at the same time they are not. The Sith Inquisitor’s “Force Lightning” attack and the Jedi Consular’s “Telekinetic Throw” are the same ability damage wise, but Force Lightning has a faster projectile speed (since it is lightning) whereas the debris thrown by the Jedi Consular moves noticeably slower.

The difference is that when you use Force Lightning, the damage is dealt “up front” whereas there is a small delay on the damage dealt by Telekinetic Throw. While a minor difference, Force Lightning is slightly better than Telekinetic Throw for this reason.

Here is the class list:

The Galactic Republic:

  • Trooper – Troopers are the Bounty Hunter equivalent for the Republic. Players can specialize to become either Commando (DPS or Healing options) or Vanguard (DPS or Tanking options). Troopers a generally a beefy class that can take a lot of damage. They are ranged but not very mobile. They are strong healers if specialized in that way.
  • Smuggler – Smugglers can specialize to become either a Gunslinger (two DPS options) or a Scoundrel (DPS or Healing options). They are the equivalent of the Imperial Agent. Smuggler playstyle varies greatly depending on your advanced specialization. Scoundrel can be either a healer or a Rogue-like DPS class which uses stealth, whereas the Gunslinger is a ranged damage-dealer.
  • Jedi Knight – The core melee class for the Republic and the equivalent of the Sith Warrior. The Guardian is very tanky but still deals solid damage, whereas the Sentinel dual-wields light sabers for extra damage but less survivability.
  • Jedi Consular – Like the Smuggler, the Jedi Consular offers very different playstyles depending on your advanced class choice. The Shadow class ends up as a melee stealth class or tank whereas the Sage can be a casting damage dealer or healer. This is the equivalent of the Sith Inquisitor.

The Sith Empire:

  • Bounty Hunter – This is the Sith equivalent of the Trooper. A lot of people pick the Bounty Hunter over the Trooper thanks to name recognition. They can specialize to be a Powertech (tank or DPS roles) or a Mercenary (DPS and healing). The “Tracer Missile” spec is very popular due to its high effectiveness and ease of play.
  • Sith Warrior – This is the Sith’s version of hte Jedi Knight. Its Marauder specialization dual-wields lightsabers and focuses in on a variety of methods for damage-dealing. The Juggernaut is tankier and uses one lightsaber; it can be a tank but also a solid DPS class.
  • Imperial Agent – Despite the difference in appearance, the Imperial Agent is the Empire’s equivalent of the Smuggler. The Operative is a stealthing melee class that uses stuns and burst damage and also has a healing specialization route. The Sniper on the other hand is a ranged DPS class.
  • Sith Inquisitor – While the Sith Inquisitor seems to be a damage-dealing caster class at first glance, it is actually the equivalent of the Jedi Consular. It can specialize into the Assassin spec, which has stealth along with melee DPS and tanking options or it can spec into the Sorcerer route, which has ranged DPS abilities or healing specs.

Starcraft 2 Guide

In addition to SWTOR, I am also a huge fan of Starcraft 2. I really enjoy playing as Protoss and spend most of my time in 1v1 ranked matches. Without a doubt, OsirisSC2guide.com is the best Starcraft 2 guide. I spent a lot of time practicing the tips and build orders on this site and was able to get promoted to a new division after applying these strategies.

Recent SWTOR Guide Updates

Our latest addition to the SWTOR guide is our update to the SWTOR Credits guide. There I have recorded the best crafts and recipes that I have been able to make credits with (and noticed other people making credits with, too). We also finally completed the SWTOR Stats Guide for every advanced class and spec in the game. There are a ton of stats in SWTOR, but the stats guide helps clear things up as far as what each stat does. We will be adding specific guides for each class as well to this section to see the best way to gear out your character.

Additionally, check our list of SWTOR Datacron Locations. Datacrons are small relics found throughout the game world that provide permanent stat boosts or rare items known as “matrix shards” which you can combine into powerful enhancements for your gear.

As mentioned, this Star Wars The Old Republic strategy guide is going to be undergoing some major updates over the next week or two. The majority of the content is up to date for release and all of the old beta info has been edited out. The next step is to continue to add quality guides and content on various game systems and expand the Datacrons guide. Also, look for some video content to be added to the Datacron list section and more content in general added to the site, particularly regarding PvP.

More to Come

As more information becomes available, this SWTOR guide will continue to grow. Check back regularly for more updates!

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